Seasonal Events for All Age Groups in Aspen Round the Year

Aspen is densely populated city in Pitkin County in Colorado, US. It was recognized as silver market city because of the mining industry. Later, the richness of aspen trees helped in bringing the economy back. However, after the Panic incident in 1893, the city went into sleeping mode. This dropped the economy and people started moving to other places to improve their financial condition.

Later in mid twentieth century in Aspen Mountains, ski resort was built and industrialists started investing and redeveloping the city. This gave birth to new era where people visited Aspen to enjoy skiing and making it a famous tourist spot. Now the city is full of fun and frolic. Apart from skiing, there have been Aspen events every year in every season round the clock to keep tourists engaged. This has also helped in booming the industry.

Here are some events in summers and winters –


  • The Food and Wine Classic event in June occurs during weekend where chefs, culinary experts and wine makers around the world gather in Aspen to showcase their talent in exquisite way.
  • Last week of June and first week of July is full of music and jazz. Therefore don’t waste any time if you’re travelling during this period to Aspen, get your concert tickets booked beforehand for Jazz Aspen Snowmass.
  • Wanderlust festival is only about music, dance, yoga and meditation. Hence, if you are unable to attend Jazz Snowmass, then don’t miss this festival.
  • Aspen Ideas Festival gathers high thinkers and entrepreneurs from all over US to provide their ideas and inspire people to work with them.


  • Aspen Film festival in September is worth attending where you can watch preview of award winning independent and international films in one room.
  • October is the time for The Meeting event when snow begins and weekends are full of conferences, films and music.
  • November is the time when Aspen Mountain as well as Snowmass Ski region is opened for everyone.
  • December is full of fun and entertainment. It’s snowing so we need some skiing fun, music, humor, food basically we need to party around day and night.
  • During February Owl Creek Chase which is ski race, Aspen Laughing Comedy festival is the top festivals enjoyed.
  • Snow has melted in March so mountain race with Audi power takes place. Spring season is about to begin so there has to be some music, dance and fun involved with Bud Light Spring Jam Festival.
  • April is meant for Schneetag festival where four members together skit on craft from mountain and cross the pond, whosoever crosses the maximum distance is supposed to be the winner.

All these along with some small events keep you busy all month. This proves whichever month you visit Aspen, there is something exciting waiting for you.